Zamyn's Cultural Forum 2013 explored new perspectives on global citizenship in an interconnected world.


Zamyn’s Cultural Forum, in partnership with Accenture, Africa Progress Panel, Barclays, Penguin Books, SOAS, University of London and Tate, was held at Tate Modern, London, in the lead up to the G8 Summit – from 29 May to 12 June 2013. 

Leading thinkers from disparate worlds of politics, business, academia and the arts came together for a series of lectures and panel discussions exploring new perspectives on global citizenship.

Much of the programme took up questions arising from the exponential growth in movement across international borders – of people, capital, resources and artefacts – and the challenges and opportunities it presents for cultural, academic and other national and international institutions.

Where discussion addressed broader geopolitical issues, including the effectiveness and legitimacy of the G8, it was grounded in the example of Africa, with a focus on South Africa. An analysis of the rapidly transforming country amid global shifts in power and alliances provided a provocative and timely starting point for debate over the future of global governance.

Through a collision of outlooks, the events questioned the validity of concepts such as global order, development and the foreigner, and examined perceptions and aspirations that herald the world to come. 

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